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Shower Thoughts

2012-10-02 06:27:55 by fishboy121

Wars are so unnecessary! Just makes me mad!

Fucking hell.

2012-09-30 05:29:43 by fishboy121


All Righty Then!

2012-03-26 14:54:47 by fishboy121

I've been gone a while, but hey, i'm back now, and boy has this place changed, so sleek, so shiny. That's enough with the comma's now. Good to be back, i missed you guys.

Oh no.

2010-05-07 08:49:05 by fishboy121

Its the police.

Note to self.

2010-04-17 10:57:50 by fishboy121

Cowboys, COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-03-31 11:02:46 by fishboy121

I love you all...hehehe.


2010-03-29 05:52:10 by fishboy121

Who doesn't love em'???

Fuckin' Aye

2010-03-21 06:53:36 by fishboy121

Fuck it!


2010-03-16 17:16:16 by fishboy121

I discovered i'm not gay the other night, i had some 'fun'with a girl at a party...and loved it!!


2010-03-09 14:59:51 by fishboy121

You: yo
Stranger: h%u0131
You: lets dance
Stranger: whats dancesss
Stranger: %u0131 dont l%u0131ke dance
You: impressed?
Stranger: where are you from
You: china